When will the conference be held?

January 28-31, 2022.

The conference will be preceded by a one-day colloquium for doctoral students from the University of Graz and the University of Puerto Rico. The colloquium will take place on the 27th of January 2021.

Is the conference a face-to-face event, online, or hybrid?

The conference is a face-to-face component, but some virtual participation will be possible. This means it is a hybrid event. 

Details about the modality of the conference are still emerging due to changes in the COVID-19 pandemic. Planning will take into consideration guidelines related to quarantines as well as personal and public health. The organizers will update the conference website as planning continues.

Where will the face-to face component of the conference take place?

It will be held in Graz, Austria, at the University of Graz.

What are the languages of the conference?

The conference languages are English and Spanish. Translation will be available for some of the presentations.

What are the conference fees?

The conference registration fee is € 180.  Graduate students are eligible to pay a reduced fee of € 70. These are early bird fees that can be paid until the beginning of November. Both fees include conference materials, a publication containing all abstracts, attendance of special events, as well as lunches, dinners, and coffee breaks. 

How can payment be made?

Details about how to make payments will be posted online before the early bird deadline passes.

What institutions are sponsoring the conference?

The Center for Inter-American Studies at the University of Graz, the Department of English in the College of Humanities at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, and the European Training Center for Human Rights are sponsoring the conference. 

In addition, the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras has provided support for the conference.

What special events are planned?

The conference will include numerous keynote speakers (see the section “Confirmed Speakers’ on this website) as well as a special session in which authors who are former Guantánamo Bay prisoners will talk about their memoirs, the importance of writing, and the significance of solidarity and (in)justice. In addition, the conference will conclude with a theatrical performance that explores challenges related to the protection of human rights in the twenty-first century.

Will the conference papers be published?

Yes, an edited volume of revised conference papers is planned. Detailed information about preparing your submission and deadlines will be available at the conference and also posted on the conference website.

How can I contact the organizers?

Please write to: camps2022@uni-graz.at

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